It's the little things

If you own a building, whether a house, shed, or in our case very old barn, there is always work that can or needs to be done to it. Even more so when it’s had a total facelift and changes use to something completely different. Add to that some desired improvements to a production flow and you've got yourself a decent list of little projects that needs looking at.

Last item on the list

When we started the renovations in the summer of 2022, the expected completion was the end of August. That blew out to October. So when we shifted to building snowboards, there was still an unfinished list of things that needed to be sorted out. This ranged from snowboard racks to tooling in the construction process to a front door closer and we really needed a helpful hand. Then Rob showed up - tool bag in hand and we gave him a decent sized to-do list.

Rob is Stu’s old man. A retired aircraft engineer with time on his hands and a skillset that we could make the most of. A brief description of how we’d need to apply the theory, and he’d be off, quickly ticking off the list. In no time we had to make a new list and what resulted was some creative problem solving that adds even more character to our processes and the workshop.

Front door needs to close by itself? Why not a weight and pulley system?

Got the door wired

How about a little station for power tool chargers and batteries?


A simple, not so simple valve stop system for the press

Air in, air out
Custom router bench and roller system
The final piece of the puzzle

There are so many things that Rob had a hand in fixing, making, resolving that we'd run out of storage space to write about them. We've got a sound system up and running, electrical parts wired up, racks and shelves built, the list goes on. The workshop wouldn't be what it is without his help and we'll be forever grateful. Cheers Rob, beers are on us.

Rob Cady, mid-measure, brand game strong.