Just in time (Workshop Pt 5)

There's Snow Outside, and We're Warm

The season has turned to autumn, hoodies are pulled on and there is snow on the upper limits of the mountains. With the majority of the renovation done, and only some aesthetic finishing touches to go, the scaffold has come down and we're finally getting into all aspects of snowboard production. The workshop is not 100% finished, but it's weatherproof and warm, which is good enough for now.

New office / graphics room

Once the insulation went in, we could put the walls back up and start with figuring out how to use the new space. Like anything else, there is always what you plan to do, and what actually happens, but for now it's shaping up to be a useful and efficient use of the space we've got. There's a new room that's going to serve as the office, complete with printer and computer, and a new graphics press for, well, graphics. and even a couple sofas.

Getting all the help we can - Rob and Marlon on the tools

In addition to all the new working space, we're also switching from screen printed graphics to dye sublimated graphics. Basically no more waiting for literal paint to dry (screen printing) and a whole lot more options in colour and design (sublimation). However the increase in options inevitably come with an exponential increase in frustration and headaches. A totally new process that comes with a heap of helpful theory, but not all of it works for us and we have to figure out what combination of things will work for ourselves. So much head scratching.

New press, new problems. The mystical combination of heat / time / pressure
Proper woodwork going on here

Takumi Woodwork is also sharing and making the most of the new opened up and warmed space, making some epic furniture, and giving everyone some serious tool envy. All the power tools one could possibly need, including and not limited to, a Makita battery operated coffee maker.

Priorities - kettle, tea, coffee and snacks
Lo-Fi and high tech

Part of re-imagining the space also gives the abilty to perform multiple processes in production at once. Where before we were limited to one warm room, we can now expand out and set out various zones for overlapping jobs. Efficient.

Core profiling station
Sidewall clamping side by side
So many possibilities
Antler rack
Mostly done, but close enough for now

There are still one or two things to tidy up outside before the snow falls and buries it all, but we're now focused on getting as many boards done before the mountains open. That's pretty much it for the updates on our renovations, however we'll be continuing to throw in a few posts about what we're up to through the season.