Our home is a repurposed Kutchan farm shed that came with the kind of character only found in classic Hokkaido architecture that serves as factory and showroom.

the island factory

With any old building, there is always something that needs attention but what it lacks in modern convenience it makes up for in style.

Every board is made here from start to finish, and when we send it out the door, each one goes with a custom board sleeve made from recycled rice bags.

Forever evolving, the Island Factory is open to anyone curious about how our snowboards are made and part of our vision is for it to be somewhere to share stories over a beer after riding or to rendezvous before a deep winter mission.

We try to make the most out of our waste, so sawdust waste from the construction process is used in gardens, landscaping and chicken coops in our community. Our electricity comes from renewable power and we went to town insulating our factory to keep the temperature as regulated as possible for cold winters and warm summers.

our wood

We spent years testing and searching for the right combination of Japanese wood types to create the perfect snowboard.

Our goal was to find the ideal balance of weight, flex, and strength. After extensive research, we discovered that two species native to Hokkaido, honoki (magnolia obovata) and tamo (fraxinus mandshurica) provided the perfect blend of strength, flex, rigidity and snap we desired.

To ensure the highest quality, we hand-select each raw length of timber and mill it ourselves to achieve precise thickness. These carefully prepared pieces are then laminated into core blocks. From these blocks, we cut, shape, profile, and prepare the snowboard cores in-house for production.

We firmly believe that the core is the heart of every snowboard, giving each one its unique characteristics. That's why we place great value on the human eye and a handmade process. We believe nothing compares to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that come from a manual approach.

our shapes

Each snowboard is designed with different riding characteristics that can be used on any mountain in the world, but always with the ability to handle local Hokkaido conditions.

Simple curves in both camber and sidecut profile gives a clean feeling line for each turn.
The combination of bases, board design and wood core makes sure that every Island Snowboard allows you to shred hard and have the most fun on the mountain.


Our materials are chosen to get the most performance out of each board, sourcing locally where we can.
Each board model has its own distinctive carbon fibre stringer placement, which, when combined with our signature core layup, guarantees an unparalleled riding experience on the mountain. Add to that IsoSport7000 carbon sintered bases and you’ll feel your Island Snowboard running as fast as possible on the mountain.


Graphics are a huge part of why we choose a snowboard. We’re fortunate enough to be connected to some great designers and artists and have a chance to showcase some of their work on our boards.

Each model lineup has artwork from local Hokkaido as well as international artists.
Make sure to check out each collaborative artist on each model of an Island Snowboard.