All you need to know about what goes into our handmade snowboards & the story behind our Hokkaido wood cores.

Our hokkaido wood

Wood Core

Honoki and Tamo wood cores.

Grown in Hokkaido, Honoki (magnolia obovata) provides perfect strength,
weight and flex with Tamo (fraxinus mandschurica) stringers placed through the
inserts for added strength snap and response.


+/- 45º & 0º stitched e glass.

Triax glass above and below the core
gives maximum strength, flex and durability providing super
responsive feel and pop.


Sublimated top-sheet graphics designed and printed by us, by hand.


ABS sidewalls. Indestructible in the harshest conditions

Carbon Stringers

Carbon V stringers from inserts to contact points,
and full length along the edges for light weight
power and response.


Isosport 7000 grade high carbon sintered base material.
As fast as it gets.


Highest grade Japanese steel edges. Full 360° wrap.


Factory tuned ready to ride on arrival.


We believe in reducing our reliance on plastics and our board sleeves are one small step in that direction. It’s made from used rice bags we’ve collected from farmers and re-purposed into our packaging. 

Please reuse it, recycle or add it to your compost.

Our workshop proudly runs on renewable power.

Hokkaido Wood

Years were spent testing and searching for various Japanese wood types and combinations to make the perfect blend of weight, flex and strength. We’ve found the Hokkaido grown honoki provides the perfect strength and flex qualities for what we want in a snowboard while tamo provides rigidity and snap.

Each raw length of timber is hand selected and milled ourselves to the precise thickness before laminating into core blocks.

Every snowboard core is cut from the block, hand shaped, profiled and prepared in house ready for inclusion in the production process.

The core is the heart of every snowboard and what gives each one its unique characteristics so we firmly believe that nothing compares to the human eye and a handmade process.

We’re using all the sawdust and wood waste products to heat our workshop and compost in our gardens.